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 New Art Gallery in Broadstairs!

We are very happy to inform you that Kent Talents Art Studio opens its own ART GALLERY IN BROADSTAIRS!

80 High St CT10 1JJ

Starting in September 2019 our students will be able to exhibit and sale their work in the gallery.

Kent Talents Art Gallery in BroadstairsKent Talents Art Gallery in Broadstairs

Anime & Manga Drawing course

September - December 2019
32 academic hours £320
Every Sunday at 4pm
maximum group size 5 people
Age 10+
All materials provided

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 Past events:

Art Studio Kent Talents presents a Collaboration of Music and Art featuring our gifted artists working on illustrations inspired by the Children’s Album by Peter Tchaikovsky arranged for the piano. 

Over the next two months students will be developing their ideas for display in the gallery. This will be linked to the live performance of pieces from the album by young musicians and exhibition of their works at the grand finale.
Please check regularly for updates.


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