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Have you ever seen a Japanese anime style illustration and wished you could recreate it yourself? For casual artists who want to perfect their style, or for total beginners who want to start from scratch – everyone can benefit from these lessons from a professional illustrator. With our simple and informative workshop, we take you from beginner level, right through to all of the techniques you will need to become a top-level illustrator yourself!



with award-winning artist Lana Arkhi RMS.

Lana, professional artist and illustrator will guide you from the
basics, right though to the skills you will need to reach professional level

Saturday 4pm-6pm £35


For total beginners, starting to draw in a new style can be frustrating, and with no professional guidance, progress can be slow. This course is formulated to take the frustration out of learning to draw, breaking it down into simple steps that are easy and fun to follow.


1. The basics of character illustration. We study all the basic techniques and materials necessary to draw the human face in anime style.


2. Drawing individual facial features correctly, and using them to give characters a sense of presence and individuality.


3. The difference in technique for drawing male and female characters, and how to bring our characters to life with the use of different emotions and clothing. Focus on keeping characters balanced and natural-looking.


Age: 10+ (Parents are welcome)

Maximum group size: 6 people

We teach fairly regular workshops in Painting, Drawing and Anatomy for children and adults. To book onto a workshop
or to get further information use the contact form below or please e-mail us at info@kenttalents.co.uk

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