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Art classes for adults

The main focus of the class will be to improve drawing and painting skills through observational still life work. Lana Arkhi will attend to each student separately and as the class is not taught as a group, a full range of levels can be accommodated. Students will have the opportunity to use a variety of mediums ranging from pencil, charcoal, pastel and paint together with collage and mixed media. The emphasis will be on mastering the basic skills of drawing and painting by improving observational skills together with learning techniques for using tone and colour.

Art classes for teenagers 13+

The Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday evening classes give the opportunity for teenagers 13 years and above to work on their drawing and painting skills in a relaxed environment. This class would be an ideal time for GCSE and A Level students to work on course work. There are a wealth of resources, materials and a well stocked library at the studio at the disposal of students. An experienced tutor is focused on supporting a diverse range of projects.

All levels are welcome as the class is taught on an individual basis but students must be turning 13 or above (year 8 and above) to be included in the class. 

The Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday evening classes will focus on drawing and painting, portraiture and still life observational work. When possible life drawing sessions will be incorporated into the term classes. Additionally, students will be exposed to collage, oils and a more advanced use of materials and techniques.


Group art lessons £10 per hour

Private Art lessons for adults £50 (1hr)

Private Art lessons for children £50 (1hr)

Art supplies and materials are included so there is no need to bring anything.

"Acrylic painting"
Painting on canvas using acrylic paints.

Art students learn how to use acrylic paints, palette knives, brushes to paint on canvas. Lana Arkhi opens secrets of mixing colours, demonstrates different brush strokes, play of light and shadow. Students can choose any subject they want to paint (using photographs or still life) The amount of lessons unlimited.

"The magic of Blue and White"
The technique of painting blue and white porcelain.

Session 1 Beginners - learning the technique of painting on paper (All materials are included) After the lesson you will have a greeting card painted on professional card paper.

Session 2 Intermediate - learning how to paint porcelain with waterbased paint which you can heat seal in oven. (All materials are included) After the lesson you will have a decorative porcelain plate painted overglaze.

Session 3 Advanced - learning how to use professional onglaze paint on ceramic tiles (All materials are included). Lana Arkhi does kiln firing for you. After the lesson you will have a blue and white tile/coaster, professionally fired (kiln firing normally takes 7 days)

The Magic of Blue and White workshop fee £30 includes:

3hrs workshop (4-6 people in a group), acrylic paints, brushes, paper, canvas,
palette knives, cards, paper towels, pencils.


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